Chocky Spiders or Chitterkoks

December 4, 2010 § 5 Comments

If you were a kid who studied in Indian schools, you would be familiar with the word ‘chitterkok’. There are different ways to spell it, but I thought this one is nicely PG rated (snicker snicker).

A chitterkok is, plainly put, someone who cheats. Of course, a childhood inflection while screaming it is reason enough to shackle you to the corner of the class for every day of the year and suffer the taunts of your teacher.

The chocky spiders my brother-in-law makes are something like cheating on all those luscious desserts that usually take a long while to make and involve complex ingredients. But doogdollymissjilly, they are finger-sucking super!

Whenever you are running short on time and have to whip up dessert in a hurry without having to strangle the wallet, Chocolate Spiders shall come to your rescue. It is the Makkad Man of desserts. P.R.O.M.I.S.E.

What you need:

Cooking chocolate or a bar of Cadbury or suchlike dark chocolate – 200 gms

Fried rice noodles or those noodles that accompany ‘Indo-Chinese/Chaineej’ dishes (make sure they have minimum salt) – 100 gms

Chunky or kinda-chunky peanut butter – 2 tbsp

What you need to do:

Prepare the plates/trays that you’d like to set the spiders in before you start as once the mix is ready, it’s time to set them. You need to layer a flat dish with a sheet of lightly greased baking paper.

Microwave the chocolate and peanut butter together for a minute (any more and they are likely to burn) and stir them till they are vaguely creamy. Add the fried noodles to this mixture and mix well.

Now scoop out a dollop and plop them on to the tray/plate and if you’d like to make them fancy and less eldritch, add strips of curling ribbon, googly-eyed buttons, Gems or suchlike funkygoodies. People will be tickled, trust me. Of course, they may view you as a complete loony too, but it’s all in the name of creativity yo!


Refrigerate once done and in 30 minutes, you have Chitterkoks Chocky Spiders all ready to scare, thrill and make your guests grab them before they get over!

Tell me, do you have any such jhatpat (quick) recipes that save the day and girl/boy for you?


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